Branch News

Here is the latest news about what the branch has been doing.

  • 60th birthday of CAMRA South Cheshire Sunday 24 December 2017

    A further Christmas and Birthday event was held at the Bhurtpore in Aston on December 24th to celebrate the 6oth birthday of CAMRA South Cheshire Chairman Derek Davey who turned 60 on the day. His family did an amazing job for him with Merlin Brewery being sponsored to help Derek create a 6% IPA especially for him, “Sir Derek”! Needless to say this was much enjoyed by all present.There was a huge turn out from family and friends, and I imagine well over a grand was taken behind the bar for food and drink that day. Let us hope that Derek remains Chair for years to come (especially if he continues to buy the first drink for everybody!)

  • Warmingham Bear’s Paw/ The Bhurtpore Sunday 3 December 2017

    There was a very good turn-out at the Warmingham Bear’s Paw on Saturday 3rd December for the CAMRA South Cheshire Branch to celebrate Christmas. A variety of taxis from Crewe Winsford and Church Minshull were organised to bring people together in this village pub/restaurant just north of Crewe. It is one of four attractive and upmarket pubs run by the Nelson Hotel group, with others located at the Fishpool at Delamere, the Grosvenor in Chester and the Pheasant at Higher Burwardsley. With 6 rotating real ales we were more than satisfied. My personal favourite being the Weetwood Eastgate, an Amber 4.2% ale made with whole leaf Cascade Hops. Lovely! The Christmas fare was just as good as expected, with generous slabs of turkey served nice and hot, more quickly than I might have expected on a busy night. Photos were later taken of the entire group, with everyone looking replete and contented! This CAMRA Christmas party seems to get bigger each year as this successful and expanding branch goes from strength to strength.

  • South Cheshire CAMRA Branch Meeting 17th November 2016 The Railway, Alsager Tuesday 29 November 2016
  • Thursday 24 November 2016

    A very sad time indeed. One of our regular activists sadly passed away recently. The one and only Andy Norbury. His funeral yesterday (24/11/16) was attended by many. Folk came from his favourite cricket club, Cheshire CC, Warrington wolves club, and of course South Cheshire Camra members. A big crowd indeed. A non religious funeral was conducted and the three ulagies were well conducted and mostly humorous and poinient. We all met up at the Crewe Alexandre Carlsberg lounge and then the HOPS pub. Farewell good friend. Farewell.