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Branch Diary - Meetings and Social Events

  • Crewe RailAle Staff Thankyou and Cheshire Branches Social Event Friday 22 November 2019 19:00

    Meet at Paul Tench's house in Winsford. Beers on offer include Coastal Insignia (6.2% IPA); Tench's Tipple from Paul (4.9% stout); Ignis Fatuus from Simon (4.4% pale), and possibly other specialty beers to savour. All proceeds to NorthWest Air Ambulance and St Lukes Hospice. For further details email Paul on moc.kooltuO@resinagrOaerAerihsehC_ARMAC

  • Dudley Winter Ales Festival Thursday 28 November 2019 17:30

    Branch Social to Dudley Winter Ales Festival at Dudley Town Hall. Train leaves Crewe at 15.19 to Wolverhampton then Bus Number 1 to Dudley.

  • Christmas Social Saturday 7 December 2019 Bhurtpore

    Christmas social will be a meal and social at the Bhurtpore at Aston. Catch the 17.20 from Crewe to Wrenbury. Those wishing a beer or two before the meal can catch the 15.20 from Crewe. I suggest we catch a taxi to Nantwich after the meal for a few more beers at Nantwich. Better for transport links home. Maybe a further taxi from Nantwich for those living at North Crewe; Minshull Vernon and Winsford.

    NB. I have booked a table for 20 at 7 PM. I am taking names for those that wish to have a meal. 20 people have booked so far.

  • Branch AGM Saturday 14 December 2019 14:00 Nantwich Club

    Branch AGM - Nantwich Club at Nantwich.

  • GBG Selection Meeting for 2021 Guide Monday 6 January 2020 20:00 Borough Arms

    1st of two meetings.

    To select our pubs for the 2021 GBG
  • Regional Meeting Saturday 11 January 2020 13:00

    Regional Meeting at Fly in the Loaf at Liverpool. 11.43 train from Crewe.

  • CREWE RAIL ALE FESTIVAL Meeting Monday 13 January 2020 20:00 Borough Arms

    1st meeting for 2020 Crewe Rail Ale festival.

  • Branch Meeting Wednesday 15 January 2020 20:00 Midland Inn

    Branch meeting at Midland at Elworth

  • Manchester Beer Festival Wednesday 22 January 2020 17:00

    Branch Social to Manchester Beer Festival. At CENTRAL STATION near Deansgate Open from 17.00 until 21.00 CAMRA Members and Trade only.

    Catch 15.11 train from Crewe Station. Change at Picadillly for Deansgate Will have a swifty at Knott Bar first.

    There will be twice as many beers from the wood as they sold out so quick last year.

  • Great British Beer Festival Winter Tuesday 4 February 2020 13:00

    Social to Great British Beer Festival Winter. At New Bingley Hall Birmingham. Beer Festival is open from 1 PM for CAMRA members and trade only. 5 PM for all. Beer festival is also on Wed; Thur ; Fri and Sat.

  • Liverpool Beer Festival Thursday 20 February 2020 16:00

    Catch Train from Crewe Railway Station at 14:43 to Liverpool. Tickets need to be obtained in advance. Only £4 for CAMRA members and you get £3 worth of beer tokens and an old glass. NB. Festival opens at 4 PM.

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