Consultation end date is Wednesday 26th July 2017

Full information can be found at EAST CHESHIRE SUPPORTED BUS REVIEW
All members are encouraged to complete the questionaire either on line (in the above link) or hard copy (in the brouchure available from your local library). Remember the closing date is WEDNESDAY 26TH JULY 2017.

All members are also encouraged to email Cheshire East Council expressing any views. Email address is ku.vog.tsaeerihsehc@weiver.sub and also write to your local MP. MP contact details can be found at MP CONTACT DETAILS

On behalf of South Cheshire CAMRA (and other CAMRA members in Cheshire East but not in South Cheshire CAMRA) I have written to Cheshire East Council Bus Review Email to Cheshire East including an idea to retain a reduced evening service Idea for Cheshire Evening Connect. I have also written to all Cheshire East MP's, to see a copy of my letter to Ms Laura Smith MP click here Bus Review Letter to MP

In discussion with CAMRA Members it seems the major concerns are about the complete elimination of all evening services after around 6:00pm.
Principle services for South Cheshire are:
6/6E - currently the last bus back from Leighton Hospital is 22:52. Proposal is last bus at 17:44
37/37E - Currently the last bus from Winsford is 22:25; from Sandbach 22:54. Proposal is Winsford 18:27; Sandbach 18:48
38 - Currently the last bus from Crewe is 23:35; from Macclesfield 23:35. Proposal is from Crewe 18:48; from Macclesfield 17:15

Reasons for retaining at least some evening services include:
- Maintaining contact between towns. Without an evening bus service (where there is no rail link) isolates communities particulary Middlewich, Sandbach, Congleton ona associated communities along 37/38 bus route corridor. This will obviosly affect business's such as pubs, restaurants and social groups. If business's close then no business rates etc etc....
- If there is no evening bus then less people would use the day buses because they cannot get back in the evening (meaning the Council will have to support more day buses) etc etc...
- The Council have spent a large sum of your money building a new Lifestyle Centre in Crewe which will only be accessable in the evening to those who live in Crewe and those who drive..... (same applies the the Crewe Theatre, Bowling, and Cinema's...)
- From an H&S point of view there is concern that no evening buses forces more people to drive. CAMRA supports responsible drinking but studies have shown there is an increase in drink/driving when there is no suitable public transport.
- Whatever happened to the Government plee for us to use public transport instead of the car?
There are many other reasons for retaining some evening services - please write to moc.kooltuo@ermacerihsehchtuos with additional reasons you would like to add